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The renovation of purified water and air conditioning system was completed. Time:2017-12-20

In December 2017, our company upgraded the purified water preparation system and air conditioning system.

The modified purified water preparation system can produce 2.0 t/h of water, which meets the water demand of multiple varieties of simultaneous production. Purified water was prepared from pretreated raw water by secondary reverse osmosis. The purified water is irradiated by ultraviolet bactericidal lamp and sent to all water points in the workshop by circulating pipeline. An on-line monitoring instrument is installed at the end of the circulating pipeline, which can continuously monitor the conductivity and circulating velocity of purified water. The pretreatment unit of the purified water system is equipped with a heat exchanger to pasteurize the activated carbon in the activated carbon filter. The purified water pipeline is also equipped with ozone disinfection equipment to disinfect the purified water tank and circulation system. These online monitoring and sterilization functions make the purified water more able to meet the requirements of production process and GMP.

Two new independent rotating cage dehumidification air conditioning units have been added, which makes the air conditioning system of soft capsule workshop meet various temperature and humidity requirements among various functions, especially for the temperature and humidity control between key positions.

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